About us

ATLANTIS Co. Ltd. is a professional tour operator, specializing in organizing various programmes for guided tours of Poland as well as business meetings and trips.

To meet the expectations of our foreign Customers, we offer complete services for groups staying in Poland, such as: 

Our aim is to meet our Customers’ wishes and to develop programmes that fulfil the needs of our guests as much as possible. Thanks to our professional services, you will discover Poland together with its nature, countless architectural sites, centuries of rich history, culture and cuisine. Poland is a living testimony of its past, a place where traditions, customs and genuine folklore are still very much alive.

ATLANTIS itineraries are designed in order to allow you to make the most of your holiday time in Poland, to provide the perfect balance between scheduled activities and free time, and – most importantly – to ensure you will enjoy your stay. Thanks to this policy, you are bound to spend unforgettable moments in Poland, and the memories of your visit will stay with you forever.

We invite you to co-operate with us. Please order our free CD catalogue entitled Discover Poland with several ideas on how to spend time in our country

We look forward to welcoming you in Poland.

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